U.S. providing grants for Limón residents

The U.S. ambassador was in Limón to announce two projects that are being financed by Uncle Sam for $348,000. The money comes from the Central American Regional Security Initiative.

The ambassador,  S. Fitzgerald Haney, also inaugurated additional electronic equipment at the American Corner of the Biblioteca Pública Mayor Thomas.

One grant for $248,000 is for Youth Build USA, Inc., which will work with  Fundación Paniamor in Moín to provide job training for some 225 youths over two years.

The second grant is $100,000 for Fundación Voces Vitales Costa Rica to develop a network of women to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. This project also has an employment aspect.

The library donations included computers and 3D tablets so that users can compose music and learn about basic electronics, said the embassy.

According to the embassy, last year the U.S. Initiative paid for other projects, including $200,000 for 40 youngsters to improve the communication, conflict resolution and business development for 220 other youngsters in Tortuguero and Limón.

The Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano got $200,000 to teach English to 140 youngsters in Limón who were living in situations of risk.

Then there was a $199,000 project for youngsters in Sixaola, Puerto Viejo and Cahuita. And an additional $100,000 went to Asociación Arte y Cultura Miravalles to run a science camp in Talamanca.

Monday was the Día del Afrodescendiente, and Limón is home to many descendants of those who came here to work on the railroad in the 19th century.

Banco Nacional also announced that it was extending delivering the first credits approved by the Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo to five businesses in the Limón area. The amount is about $226,000 or 120 million colons.

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