Arrest in drug case may shed light on that illegal dock in Limón

Oct. 1 a man named Gilberth Bell Fernandez appeared before a legislative committee and disclaimed any knowledge about an illegal dock that was erected in Portete de Limón.

The man appeared along with the Limón mayor, Néstor Mattis. The session was of the Comisión de Seguridad y Narcotráfico.

Thursday judicial agents took Bell into custody, and officials claimed he was a kingpin in the narcotics trade.

Antonio Álvarez Desanti told his fellow lawmakers Thursday that it is not possible that someone could build an illegal dock in the province of Limón and not generate complaints from the public.

Officials suspected for some time that the illegal dock was used for landing drug shipments. He said the committee would continue to work to get to the bottom of the case. Judicial police also detained some traffic policemen.

They are accused with assisting the shipments of drugs by not inspecting the pickups and other small vehicles that brought the substances from Limón to the Central Valley. There also were accidents that the police covered for the benefit of the drug dealers, said agents.

Álvarez Desanti noted the arrests of the policemen in his talk to legislators.

A week ago Álvarez Desanti, said there were at least seven cases of illegal docks in Costa Rica and that this showed building one illegally was easier than going through all the paperwork to get permission.

Some lawmakers also expressed their unhappiness at the time that they had asked President Luis Guillermo Solís to investigate the dock more than two weeks ago and that they had yet to get a reply.

The case against Bell was triggered by the arrest of a man believed to be drug courier in May.

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