BriBri representatives plan to protest government’s carbon swap scheme

Members of the Talamanca BriBri community will be demonstrating at Casa Presidencial today against a carbon swap scheme that the native inhabitants say they do not want. They will seek a meeting with President Luis Guillermo SolÌs

The program is called REDD+, which the BriBri representatives said that they never asked for or gave approval. They called it a false solution to climate change.

A statement expressed fears that the plan would prevent the traditional use of the woodlands by the residents. They said the program damages their fundamental rights. They also characterized the program as payment for permission to contaminate.

Costa Rica has a long-term program of paying landowners to keep woodlands. This generates carbon credits, which can be sold.

A summary of the news program said that 10 percent of the land involved would be on native reserves.

The government has made a deal with the World Bank to sell $63 million in carbon credits as a result of the program.

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