Computer setup to be unveiled to assist in science and technology

The Programa Estado de la Nación says it will present today a computer platform that will link Costa Ricans in science and technology to those who might hire them.

The program is called Hipatia, which in English is Hypatia, the female scientists and philosopher who lived in Fifth century Alexandria.

The Programa set up a press conference this morning and plans to make a formal presentation later in the day. The platform is described as an online tool for the public which provides strategic information that shows the capacity that the country has for developing the technology sector. At the same time, the Programa said, the platform provides a system for mediating offers and demands for technology.

The platform was named Hipatia, said the Programa, to honor the scientist, philosopher and free thinker who lived in Alexandria from 370 to 415 and defended the central role that knowledge and science for comprehending reality.

The Programa also said that the platform would help with retention of technicians and scientists in the face of brain drain to other countries.

Hypatia has become popular because she was an outspoken female at a time when women were suppressed. She also was a pagan who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by a Christian mob during a complex political dispute in her home city that probably had little to do with her religious beliefs.

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