Dry season expected to arrive earlier this year

The dry season is coming earlier this year, although that may not be cheerful news to farmers and ranchers. But tourism operators should be thrilled.

The Instituto MeteorolÛgico Nacional attributes the early arrival to high pressure systems in the north and cold fronts.

The prediction is for the dry season to arrive in 10 to 14 days in the north Pacific and Nov. 7 to 11 in the Central Valley.

As usual, the central and south Pacific will see the end of the rains later but still earlier than normal.

The weather institute noted that there was a spike in rainfall in the Central Valley in September and so far this month. But for the rest of the month less rain is expected.

The Pacific coast has had a shortage of rain due to the effects of El NiÒo in the Pacific. The weather institute says that the El NiÒo this year is among the 10 strongest since 1854.

Rainfall on the Caribbean coast has been far above average, and that area does not experience a dry season through March.

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