Expat’s exertise leads to book on audio

While many expats are writing fiction or autobiographies, Grecia resident

Joseph Riden has produced a non-fiction work on audio systems.

“You may be astounded to hear how good the audio system you already have can sound when you apply key tips that help bring out the very best music any Hi-Fi system can play,” Riden says on the Amazon page devoted to the 94-page Kindle book.

Riden is a mechanical engineer and industrial designer as well as a music fan.

The $2.99 book has received good reviews.

“This is my second book so far,” said Riden.

“The first was about how to market a business online, but I simply gave it away rather than publishing it.  My next project is to revise and update that first title and publish it for real.”

He credits Costa Rica with providing the atmosphere for writing.

“The peaceful, quiet, and gorgeous natural scene here is inspiring and quite conducive to writing,” he said.  “This new audio-related book was written in about two weeks.”

The book is “iHi-Fi Audio Setup Guide: Enjoy More Authentic Music From Any High-Fidelity Audio System.” More information is HERE!audiobook100115

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