Finance ministry has a surprise for filers

Those accountants and taxpayers planning to post a variety of forms to the Ministerio de Hacienda Web page were in for a surprise this week.

The ministry has dumped its EDDI system in favor of one called Administración Tributaria Virtual. The changeover had been announced but not very vigorously.

The system is used for posting sales tax reports and other financial requirements.

The ministry Web page is filled with responses from users over problems they encountered. It appears that the system was not up and running until Sunday or Monday, so anyone who tried to use it before then was out of luck.

One person has posted his availability to do the filing work for others.

The former EDDI system was subject to periodic and unannounced upgrades that cost employers plenty of work hours. Rather than being a Web-based system like the one for the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, users have to download a bulky program to talk to the Hacienda computer.

The ministry said its Dirección General de Tributación had sent notifications to users about the system, but it appears that all those who seek to use the system did not receive one.

The ministry has online a 43-page document that is called a tutorial for the new system. However, the .pdf file is not compatible with some Internet browsers.

September sales tax reports are due by Thursday via the new system.

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