Flooding generated 24 vehicle claims

The Instituto Nacional de Seguros said Wednesday that it had received just 24 claims regarding vehicles caught in flood water Tuesday.

A number of cars were seen bobbing like Halloween apples in video clips of the surprise storm that dropped up to four inches of rain on places in the valley. But not all vehicle owners have this type of insurance coverage.

The state insurance company said that there have been three claims from homeowners, too. The home insurance is part of fire coverage, it said.

The insurance institute coupled its report with a pitch for home and expanded vehicle coverage. Fire insurance also covers a homeowner for flooding, landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it said.

Some vehicle owners also might have had coverage with private companies.

The institute issues the annual marchamo road tax that includes some liability coverage, but flooding is not covered by this basic policy. Most expats buy expanded coverage.

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