Illegal dock in Limón seems to be immune to any official effort

Someone put up a dock and a house at Porte de Limón, and government officials do not know how to handle the situation.

The head of the Instituto Costarricense de Pesca y Acuicultura was at the legislature Thursday to tell lawmakers that his agency is only in the business of checking the fish that are discharged onto land. He is Gustavo Meneses.

Néstor Mattis, the mayor of Limón, said that he had sent municipal inspectors to the site three times to close it down.

Lawmaker Antonio Álvarez Desanti, said there were at least seven cases of illegal docks in Costa Rica and that this showed building one illegally was easier than going through all the paperwork to get permission.

None seems to know who built the dock or for what purpose it was erected at the Caribbean port.

Some lawmakers also expressed their unhappiness that they had asked President Luis Guillermo Solís to investigate the dock more than two weeks ago and that they had yet to get a reply.

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