Intense rains batter much of country

Heavy rains lashed the country Tuesday afternoon. Low areas were flooded, and more than 110 vehicle accidents took place in the Central Valley.

The Cruz Roja and the Cuerpo de Bomberos were called out in San José to rescue individuals caught in the deluge.

The Instituto Meteorological Nacional said that up to 10 centimeters or about 4 inches of rain fell in some places in three to six hours. In San José, the amount was estimated at 7.5 centimeter or about three inches.

One death was reported in Naranjo of a woman caught in a flooded structure. Another death was in the southern part of the country.

Rescue workers assisted an elderly woman in Barrio Lujan, San José, who said she had to escape her flooding home by smashing out a window and crawling to a neighbor’s roof.

Others were caught when drivers tried to brave the rising waters.

The areas most affected were in Barrio Lujan, San José, near the Dos Pinos facility, the southern part of Los Yoses, Calle Blancos and parts of San Pedro. A number of vehicles were flooded in a Dos Pinos parking lot.

As expected the rain began to diminish in the Central Valley at mid-evening.

The weather institute also said that heavy rains hit the Pacific coast, the mountains of the Caribbean and the northern zone.

In San José those who were affected blamed blocked storm sewers, but some rivers ran outside their banks, too.

The weather institute predicts that the dry season will arrive in the Central Valley within a week.

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