Is this the kind of food you want to eat?

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Glad to see you are keeping the GMO issue in the news with your editorial.  I agree with you. What difference does a ban on cultivation of GMOs in Costa Rica do when most of the food the people and animals in Costa Rica eat are GM?  But, let me ask you this: Why would anyone think that it would be good for them to consume corn that 1) has BT, an insecticide bred into the corn on a cellular level? and 2) is also engineer genetically so that glyphosate, a herbicide linked to numerous health problems including cancer  can be applied to corn in greater quantities without killing the corn plant?

Is this the type of food you people want to eat and have your children eat?  I wouldn’t feed it to a stray dog. Do you know that most Americans test positive for BT now? Do you think that eating chemicals that kill plants and insects will not affect you over your lifetime? Come on.

There’s a reason that Monsanto tests on rats don’t go past 90 days. Finally, corporate money funds almost all research in the U.S., so citing the latest “science” only tells us what the corporation want us to know/believe.  Recent public admissions by William Thompson, Centers for Disease Control scientist, on fraudulent autism/vaccinations connection studies not reported by mainstream media are case in point.

Albert Lusk
San Isidro


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