Key bridge gets $4.15 million makeover

Remember the platina bridge, the one that has frustrated every attempt to make repairs because it was too flexible?

What was once just a hole in the concrete of the bridge deck has grown to a 2.2 billion-colon project to basically rebuild the span from the bottom up. That’s about $4.15 million.

Crews have been at work under the span on the General Cañas highway to reinforce the concrete abutments and pillars and to strengthen the metal underpinnings. The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, the road agency, plans to widen the bridge to six lanes. That is the width of the highway on either side of the bridge.

The agency said that workers found that the steel structures built in 1960 to hold up the bridge were different than in the plans. A summary spoke of the smaller dimensions and lesser quality of the steel girders.

That was by way of explaining the cost overruns on the project. The agency said that the difference between the amount allocated for the contract and the higher final cost would come from the national road fund.

The bridge got the informal name platina because of steel plates put on the bridge deck as a quick and unsatisfactory fix for the expanding hole in the concrete.bridge100215

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