La Uruca-Heredia highway bridge work due to begin today

The widening of the highway from La Uruca to Heredia includes the construction of two two-lane bridges over the Río Virilla. Eventually these will replace the current two-lane structure. The road project officially begins today, and workers of the Constructora Pirenaica S.A. will start by excavating footers for the first bridge.

The project is widening the route that is a perpetual traffic jam to four lanes for 1.7 kilometers. One bridge will be erected and then another alongside the current bridge that will be demolished eventually. The highway handled an average of 34,000 vehicles a day, said the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad.

The new bridge will be 126 meters (413 feet) long and 9.96 meters (nearly 32 feet) wide. Rebuilding the existing span would cost about 65 percent what it would take to build a new one, officials said. The project is an $8.6 million job with completion expected in 11 months.

This is the existing Río Virilla bridge.

This is the existing Río Virilla bridge.

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