Lottery agency restructures tiempos

The announcement Wednesday by the nation’s lottery agency might be a sign of the times. The agency, the Junta de Protección Social, said it was cutting the price of its tiempos series. Others might just call it marketing.

The tiempos are the weekly lottery for those who do not want to invest a lot of money.

The agency said that a full sheet of five tiempo tickets will cost just 1,000 colons or a bit less than $2. In contrast the weekend lottery can approach 20,000 colons for a full 20-ticket sheet when the prize is a big one.

Each drawing every few days has two 75,000 winners, two 150,000-colon winners and one prize of 300,000 colons or about $570.

Gambling is usually a loser’s game, but the lotteries and other games put on by the Junta are worse than most. That is because the Junta supports 437 social agencies and organizations out of the proceeds.

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