Men targeted for making street comments

The DefensorÌa de los Habitantes is embarking on a campaign to eradicate the tradition of men whistling at women or making complementary remarks.

The DefensorÌa de los Habitantes issued a statement Wednesday in which it characterized such actions as violence toward women. Also included were other actions, such as making obscene gestures, making sexual comments, taking photographs of woman as well as unwelcome touching or exhibitionism.

The agency said that an educational campaign would be directed at these actions.

The campaign will be joined by the Insituto Nacional de Mujeres, said the Defensoria. The women’s institute already is engaged in a campaign against  machismo, the Latin American glorification of  the male.

The Defensoria also used the word  piropos as something to be eradicated. These are terms of endearment directed by a male to a women in an effort to gain her attention. Some are humorous and others are crude.

The Defensoria cites international agreements that support the eradication of these comments.

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