Murder did not take a holiday during this weekend

The murder toll was so great over the weekend that television presenters voiced their opinions about lack of citizen security.

Perhaps the most vocal was Ignacio Santos of Repretel who dropped his role as a neutral deliverer of the news Sunday to deplore the weekend deaths.

From 2 a.m Thursday to Monday there were nine murders, according to judicial agents. All the victims were men, and all but one died from bullets.

One case may turn out to be a traffic accident, but the report is not in yet. In another case in Pérez Zeledón, a father-in-law and his son-in-law were confronted by a robber. The older man fired his own weapon and accidentally killed his relative.

The robber fled.

The most spectacular killing took place in Urbanización La Cabaña en San Francisco de dos Ríos about 8:30 a.m. Friday. Two men in a vehicle opened fire on a taxi that contained a husband and wife plus the driver. The 34-year-old husband, identified by the last name of Tylor died and the wife and taxi driver suffered injuries.

The shooting was even more spectacular because a security camera captured the entire episode, which was aired repeatedly on local television. The assailants used what appears to have been an AK-47 and riddled the taxi with at least 30 bullet holes.

Some of the dead were victims of robbers. At the El Cafetal restaurant in Santa Cecilia de Heredia intruders appear to have confronted and killed a waiter who was a part-time guard. The 36-year-old victim has the last name of González. Another man found the body Sunday morning. The crooks got away with a flat-screen television and money.

In addition to the murders, a handful of individuals suffered bullet wounds and knife wounds over the weekend.

They were hospitalized, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

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