New tax reporting system is a big pain for some users

The finance ministry’s new Web-based reporting system has caused confusion among many taxpayers, and they have sought face-to-face help.

The Ministerio de Hacienda said it has beefed up the number of persons who will help taxpayers. Those who have problems in the Central Valley have been directed to the Outlet Mall in San Pedro where the line awaiting help was in the halls Wednesday.

Today is the traditional day to file sales tax and some other reports. The ministry and its Dirección General de Tributación require such filings to be electronic.

In the past, the ministry used the EDDI-7 program that required users to download a complex program into their PC computers. The new Web-based program is called Adminis­tra­ción Tri­bu­ta­ria Vir­tual, and it accepts input from all types of computers.

The ministry reported Tuesday that some 55,785 users had registered and that 42,314 tax forms had been filed.

Not just average citizens are having

Taxpayers await their turn at the Ministerio de Hacienda computer office in Outlet Mall.

Taxpayers await their turn at the Ministerio de Hacienda computer office in Outlet Mall.

problems. Accountants are represented by the  Cole­gio de Con­ta­do­res Pú­bli­cos, which said Wednesday that it has received complaints from some of its members.

The ministry has prepared an extensive tutorial file and also videos.

One change is that registrations are being made under the name of those responsible for the company. In the past, an incorporated company had its own registration.

That change has been interpreted as an effort by Hacienda to keep track of the owners of companies.

One problem that emerged Wednesday is that registration was blocked for some reason for a person who represented more than one company. Hacienda employees at the Outlet Mall have the power to clear the block, but that requires a personal visit by a user.

The EDDI-7 system will remain in use for some time to issue blank forms for certain technical tax purposes, the ministry said.

The D-101 income tax form that is due Dec. 15 must be done via the new system, nicknamed ATV.

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