Our story is said to be way off the mark

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Your piece on why Americans are leaving is WAY off the mark. Indeed, your entire effort to attract Americans is tainted by unrealistic claims. My wife and I lived in Costa Rica for almost SEVEN years before leaving. Here’s the real reasons:

1.) We were tired of being ROBBED. (3 times).

2.) The police have NO power or concern.

3.) The court system is broken, dysfunctional and loaded with politically appointed judges that have no experience or legal training.

4.) Land fraud is rampant!

5.) The infrastructure is crumbling, and people are dying as a result. The government would rather buy Prados for their employees.

6.) Unbelievable restrictions on acquiring the cédula, driver’s license or any other documents to remain legal residents. It’s clear that those Costa Ricans in power do not want us there.

7.) Cost of living is beyond explanation.

Regarding your assertion that we Americans cannot or do not make Tico friends, we made many Tico friends that we miss every day and will continue to do so. We had the courage and wherewithal to move to Costa Rica, assimilate and live in a foreign land. Why would anyone think we could not or would not leave?

And yes we are fully aware that you will not publish this response because it does not fit with your not researched opinions.

Barbara and Doug Arthur
Williams, Arizona
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