Poder Judicial equates taking photo with harassment and violence

The Poder Judicial is not displaying reflexion in the case of  Gerardo Cruz Barquero.

The judiciary’s Secretaría Técnica de Género issued a strong condemnation of the attack of the 22 year old and linked it to his efforts to embarrass a man who took a photo of the rear of a woman on the pedestrian boulevard in San José.

Cruz, who remains in Hospital Calderón Guardia has become a hero because many who are involved in the social networks believe, as does the Poder Judicial, that his stabbing
Wednesday night was a result of his online activities.

The motive for the attack has not been determined, although law enforcement officials said they have made the case a priority. The man who was photographing is an accountant in the finance ministry and is not a likely suspect in the stabbing.

Cruz was on his way to another media interview Wednesday night when a man got out of a car and stabbed him multiple times.

The Poder Judicial said that Cruz had the courage to complain through the social networks about a phenomenon that women have always suffered: street harassment, an action that is evidence of a form of violence against women and children that is against human rights and fundamental liberties.

In addition, the Poder Judicial said that international treaties say that women should have full liberty to exercise their civil, economic, political, social and cultural rights and that the state has the duty to act with due diligence to prevent, investigate and punish violence against women. The case caused some supporters of Cruz to hold vigils Thursday night, and there was a small march in support of the young man Sunday.

The judiciary’s characterization of street harassment and violence seems overbroad because the women did not know about the photograph until Cruz told her. As celebrities who are tormented by paparazzis know, persons in public places are fair game for photographers.

The Poder Judicial did not respond Friday when asked which law the man taking photos broke.

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