Police and vendors clash again downtown

Police and street vendors clashed Wednesday as officers tried to confiscate items that were for sale.

The flare up was a continuation of what happened Tuesday after bicycle Fuerza P™blica officers confiscated CDs, and eventually three persons were detained.

The PolicÌa Municipal was the force involved in the Wednesday disturbance that may have included up to 100 vendors. Their presence on the streets are illegal, but they usually work hard to avoid police.

Wednesday about 4 p.m. the confrontation degenerated into throwing of trash. That happened on Avenida Segunda between calles 6 and 8.  Seven persons were detained.

The vendors usually do not have business permits and do not pay sales taxes. A lot of the merchandise is counterfeit. Some of the vendors really are selling drugs, and a large number are foreigners.

The Fuerza Publica said that the number of vendors is expected to increase with the approach of the holiday season.

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