Police inaction irks Montes de Oca mayor

The Municipalidad de Montes de Oca is involved in a battle with a local restaurant mostly because officials declined to issue a liquor license in March. The newest development is a blast at the police by the municipal mayor.

Alcohol would seem to be a key ingredient in the firm’s business plan because the name is Pub Rock.

The location is 200 meters south of Avenida Central in Los Yoses not far from the local police station.  That is why the municipal mayor issued an email Wednesday wondering why the police officers who work there are not more vigorous in preventing illegal drinking.

The mayor, who is a member of the Partido Renovación Costarricense, said that municipal inspectors have been denied entrance to the restaurant and neighbors complain of illegal alcohol sales Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The operator of the restaurant, whom the mayor identified as Javier Goldoni González, is appealing the denial of the alcohol license to the Tribunal Contencioso Administrativo.

Trejos said that last Saturday municipal inspectors found a large crowd of young persons at the restaurant and were denied entry on the grounds that the activity inside was a private party.

The mayor said it was incomprehensible and unacceptable that police authorities would not notice these grave situations when they are asked for help from the municipal inspectors.

The municipality includes the commercial section known as San Pedro.

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