Postal agency says those in high-crime areas can pick up their letters

The Defensoria de los Habitantes has accused fire fighters, the Cruz Roja and even the postal service of avoiding certain high-crime areas in the country.

Both the Cuerpo de Bomberos and the Cruz Roja denied the charge. The fire-fighting organization is even bringing a complaint against Monserrath Solano Carboni, the defensora, over the allegation. The Cruz Roja said that its ambulance crews go where they are needed, although they sometimes are confronted by robbers and other forms of crooks.

Monday the Coreos de Costa Rica S.A., the postal service, said that the allegation is true to the extent that it tries to preserve the lives and physical integrity of those who deliver the mail. In the case of high-crime areas, those that are designated as such by the Ministerio de Seguridad correos100615Pública, the postal service uses an alternate delivery system, it said.

Postal workers place telephone calls to letter recipients and make arrangements for the individual to come to the nearest post office, the agency said. Workers ask those mailing the letters to put a telephone number on the envelope, Correos said.

Correos de Costa Rica announced Monday that the Sala IV constitutional court, accepted this explanation when it dismissed a case brought by the Defensoria.

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