Radio station director who promoted Talamanca development dies

The director of the radio station the Voz de Talamanca has died, and she is being eulogized as a person who dedicated her life to helping others.

She was Elena Francis, who was born in 1938. At just 17 she traveled to the Reserva de Talamanca where she taught children and became friends with two German priests, the Rev. Bernardito Koch Kluber and the Rev. Bernardo Drug Ingermann, and worked with them to establish community organization, structure, health clinic and schools to support the people permitting the BriBri residents to become part of the 20th century.

Death was believed to be due to complications from cancer.

Later she became director of the radio station and worked to teach the elderly to become literate.  The station was founded n 1979.

“I was honored to know and work with Ms. Francis,” said Peter Aborn, a Rohrmoser dentist who brings health care to the area with Project Talamaca. “Elena became a member of our association helping providing health care and other essential needs for her people. I was blessed by her wisdom, generosity, caring, limitless energy and effort to help others sacrificing her own needs.”msfrancis100515

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