Report on proposed law amazed him

Dear A.M Costa Rica:

I was amazed to read your report on 19.613 regarding warfare games and salutes etc.

We had this rubbish 20 years ago in the United Kingdom and in the United States. Every film was causing murder. Every video game caused violence.

It never took off, and it all went away quietly once they put age restriction certificates on everything. Most of the top selling games are “warfare” games. Most of the top viewed movies contain violence. It is just human nature to crave action, whether it be war or cops and robbers.

We all played soldiers as kids. I remember using branches and sticks as rifles (showing my age!), but it was normal. If the country is going to ban all “warfare,” what happens if a child mimics a gun by using a stick? Do we cut down the trees, or imprison the child for inciting violence?

Mike Keelan

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