Roadways will drive many motorists crazy today

Motorists in the metro area will think today that they have been transported to the hottest part of Satan’s lair.

Motorists have two big obstacles. The highway from La Uruca to Heredia is being reduced to one lane in either direction. This is the spot of a perpetual traffic jam. It will be worse today.

The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that the closure will last for a year.

At Plaza Víquez, ironically adjacent to the headquarters of the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes, there is a hole. In  fact, this is the mother or all holes.

The pit is about 15 feet deep.

The pit is so deep that the rail institute has ordered that passenger trains not pass by the location. The track is only a few feet away.

The pit is the result of a ruptured water line. Municipal engineers are supposed to take a look at it today, but there is no indication when repair work will start.

Plaza Víquez not only is a place where the valley train passes. The location is a heavy traffic area. But probably not today.

There are an assortment of other problems that have been reported over the weekend. The Barreal-Valencia bridge is being undermined as a result of heavy rain. Another bridge at Barreal de Heredia has a concrete deck that is breaking up.

The daylight may bring other problems, all of which will add to the woes of motorists.

In downtown San José workers are supposed to continue the job of putting new asphalt on Avenida Central at Cuesta de Moras. This is the stretch that runs just north of the Plaza de la Democracia where

there normally is heavy bus traffic.

Merchants are upset, and there is a chance that the job will be moved to another location until after the Christmas holidays.

Other workmen are expected to be on the job at the Juan Pablo II bridge doing work on the drainage system. The main highway, Ruta 1, probably will not be closed but the number of lanes will be reduced.

That work has caused motorists to seek alternate routes through residential areas.

Construction continues on the Cicunvalación at Paso Ancho, also known as the Rotunda de Guacamaya. The job is to eliminate the traffic circle and install an overpass. However, there are delays during the day and full closure at times during the night hours.

The Polica de Tránsito also reported three problems on the Interamericana. A landslide constricted passage Sunday at Manolos at Kilometer 28. At Kilometer 49 at San Miguel de Naranjo there is a slide and also the roadway undermined, causing the reduction of lanes.

At kilometers 76 and 77 at Cambronero there are slides that have constricted the lanes.

Expats can check the current road conditions with the traffic police Web site HERE!trafficanger101315

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