Tax reporting system subject of Sala IV appeal

Someone has filed a Sala IV appeal against the obligatory use of the Ministry of Hacienda’s new online tax reporting system.

The press office of the Poder Judicial said Thursday that the appeal had been filed this week.

The system is called Administration Tributaria Virtual, and it was the subject of a news story Thursday HERE!

The system is a replacement for the EDDI-7 system.

The appeal specifically challenges the ministry’s Dirección General de Tributación and its Oct. 1 decree published in the official La Gaceta newspaper.

There was little additional information on the appeal except that the grounds seem to be that the ministry did not give sufficient time for airing objections.

The Poder Judicial did not disclose who filed the case.

The use of the system was mandatory for the filing of the September sales tax report, which had a deadline of Thursday.

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