Three more victims added to the growing list of this year’s murders

The wave of killings continued over the weekend.

At Ochomogo Sunday at 5 a.m. five men in a vehicle sustained fire from a second car. One man died. The Judicial Investigating Organization identified him by the last name of Chacón. He was 26.

Agents said his 16-year-old brother was one of the passengers.

In Pijije de Bagaces shortly after midnight, a dispute at a bar ended in the shooting of a bystander.

Judicial agents said that the dead man had the last name of  Dormes and was 20 years old.

The fight began in the bar but moved into the street where three shots were heard, judicial agents reported. The dead man was found in the street.

At the Clínica Solón Núñez in Hatillo a 29-year-old man died shortly after he was brought in.

Judicial agents identified him by the last name of  Mesa. They said he was gunned down while walking in Ciudadela 25 de Julio in Hatillo about 2 a.m. Sunday.

He suffered multiple gunshots wounds including one to the head after two men on a motorcycle approached him.

The Fuerza Pública said that a motorist fired and wounded a man on a motorcycle in the center of Guápiles, also Sunday. Police were able to detain the man in the car. They identified the critically injured motorcycle driver as a man with a record of having brought drugs into a prison, robbery and another drug crime.

The number of killings this year has become a political issue with former president Laura Chinchilla blaming the current administration. In fact, investigating crimes and making arrests is the responsibility of the judiciary, and the Judicial Investigating Organization has the responsibility to do that.

Government officials blame revenge over drugs as a principal cause. They estimate that the murder toll might be as much as 500 this year or about 10 deaths per 100,000 persons.

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