Aguinaldo makes sure Christmas is a time of giving for employers

Oh, no! It’s that time again.

The Ministro de Seguridad Pública said it would announce today its plans for safeguarding Christmas aguinaldos.

Aguinaldos are wonderful for employees, who get an extra twelfth of their annual salary.

For those running businesses the payments that are due by the middle of December are an added and painful expense of doing business.

Store operators love them. So do crooks, which is why the ministry will outline its plans to keep shoppers safe.

Time was when shoppers would go to the downtown with pockets stuffed with cash and present themselves as likely targets. These days, the credit card is the usual method of payment.

But there still are those with cash, and these are the people the police will seek to protect.The other crimes are more likely to be of the white collar variety.

The police towers in the downtown are a continuing feature now, but more will be set up in other communities to give officers a nearly bird’s eye view.

Expats are expected to make aguinaldo payments to their employees, and those who receive in-kind payments, like meals, are suposed to receive a twelfth of their fair value, too.

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