Ancient music and instruments are the topics at a roundtable today

Museum curators plan a roundtable discussion this afternoon on pre-Columbian music and the implications of three simultaneous exhibitions at their three museums.

The curators are Priscilla Molina of the Museos del Banco Central, Virginia Novoa of the Museo del Jade and Cleria Ruiz of Museo Nacional.  Admission to the 3 p.m. discussion is free.

This is the final session that has been part of the Paseo del los Museos program designed to address ancient music and also to popularize the museums. The proximity of the three museums has created a promotional slogan to tell visitors that they can walk to all three.

The Museo Nacional exhibit  “Música y ritos en Bahía Garza” was one of three that featured ancient music.

The Garza exhibit was a display of instruments found at a cemetery in that Pacific coast community.

The Garza site is called Rempujo, and Juan Vicente Guerrero and his team did the excavations in 2009. So many ocarinas were found that the place has been called the cemetery of musicians.

In addition to ocarinas, also discovered were whistles, jade pendants, war and ceremonial maces and axes, according to Guerrero’s academic report. Museum officials said they hope to repeat this type of program in 2016.

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