Another sports betting site faces charges

From the Web site

From the Web site

Another Costa Rican betting operation is in legal trouble because investigators in  Massachusetts say the operation worked as a wire room for bookies there.

The state’s Attorney General’s Office engineered the indictment of and its operator, Travis Prescott, with a litany of charges associated with its betting activities. Among them are money laundering and illegal betting.

The leading figure in the investigation was a Massachusetts man,  John Woodman, 43, who is accused of running a network of  30 agents who took illegal bets from some 700 persons.

As with other Costa Rican operations that functioned as wire rooms, the bettors utilized PerHead and its system to register their bets on professional and college football, basketball, baseball and hockey, according to the indictments.  The Web site registered the bets and tracked them, but the money exchanged hands in person, the indictments added.

Prescott was not a shrinking violet. He gave an interview in 2012 to The New York Times in which he described his operation and said he had 100 persons working here. The Web site still functions.

Experts said in The Times article that sites like PerHead work in a gray area that might not be considered gambling.

Prescott, if he is not Costa Rican, could be extradited but that might be complicated because gambling is not illegal here. One of the basics of extradition is that the activity must be illegal before a judge will order a suspect sent to another country.

Other Costa Rican sportsbook operators were nabbed as they passed through the United States on trips, and the various law enforcement agencies avoided lengthy extradition proceedings.

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