APM container firm makes deal to train workers

The massive container terminal in Moin is expected to go into operation in January 2018, and the company operating the concession has made an agreement to train new workers.

The Dutch company, APM Terminals, and the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje announced the agreement Thursday. Those who wish to work at the terminal are able to take a year-long course in port operations.

The agreement also gives APM the opportunity to bring new blood into the industry and sidestep those employees who now work on the inefficient public docks in Moín and Limón.

The central government sees the agreement as a major step in reducing poverty in Limón province. The Dutch firm operates terminals all over the world, so employees in Moín will have the possibility of advancement.

Kenneth Waugh, general manager of APM Terminals Moín, said in a release that the agreement reflects the need for a new generation of trained port technicians who use the latest security technologies. The courses will be given in Limón.

Workers at the public docks are at least troublesome, and the union there has used every legal maneuver to block the arrival of the Dutch firm. Most of the nation’s agricultural products pass through Moín, and frequent work stoppages and strikes have cost producers millions.

Still the central government has agreed to beef up the Moín facilities so that public workers can compete with the private concession.

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