Atenas expat would like to have a little chat with hit-and-run biker

Jim Twomey, an Atenas expat, would like to give a knuckle sandwich to a bike rider.

The bicyclist ran down Twomey’s wife Nov. 14 while she was crossing a highway.  And then the person on the bike fled, Twomey said. Other riders stopped to provide help. His wife ended up in the Heredia hospital.

His wife, Bivina Piedra Alfaro, whom he calls Bibi, suffered a broken hip, the expat said, and she will require post-surgery rehab and therapy.

He said the mishap took place on Route 3 near the Pupassa restaurant. “Persons with knowledge of this matter are urged to call Jim Twomey at 2244-7324 or e-mail at,” he said.

“My wife will be the first person to forgive him,” he said. “It will take me a while!”

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