Barrio Amón homes featured in exposition

Photographers, artists and even tourists love Barrio Amón, which is considered one of the most historic sections of the capital.

Amón is just a few blocks from the center of the downtown and is filled with examples of late 19th and early 20th century architecture. Presidents, bishops and the wealthy made their homes there as a prosperous San José expanded to the north.

Many of the homes still are there although the use has changed. The home of one president is now a hotel, for example.

Another structure called Casa Verde at Avenida 9 between calles 5 and 7 is  the San José home for Tecnológico de Costa Rica, the Cartago-based university. This is where the VI Memoria Urbana, Plein Air Costa Rica opens Thursday.

Casa Verde is called the Casa Cultural Amón of the university. The location is just 250 meters north of the Hotel Aurola Holiday Inn.

The exhibition, which borrows from the French plein air, meaning “open air,” is a collection of paintings mostly of Barrio Amón homes by some 13 artists. The exhibition is in conjunction with the Asociación Costarricense de Artistas Visuales.

Most of the artists spent a lot of time in the open air sketching and then painting the stately homes.

A painting of an historic home takes shape.

A painting of an historic home takes shape.


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