Border collie skills to be showcased

Border collies will put on a show of their herding abilities Nov.14 in  Balsa de Atenas as part of an hour-long dog exhibition.

The event is part of the three-day convention of the Congreso Centroamericano de Productores de Ovejas y Cabras, and the location is at the Universidad Técnica Nacional.

There are an estimated 35,800 sheep in Costa Rica and about 122,852 goats, said the organization.

The display of dog abilities is in the hands of the Escuela de Adiestramiento y Criadero Viento Salvaje in San Isidro de Heredia. An announcement said that in addition to border collies herding sheep, attack dogs and other talented canines will be featured. One called Benji appeared on the Sábado Gigante television show in Miami, said the organization.

The border collie was bred especially for herding sheep in Scotland and England. Training one takes about six months, said the organization.

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