Brothers held in serial rapes and robberies

Judicial agents say that two brothers preyed on couples in the vicinity of Parque la Sabana, robbed them and raped the women.

The second of the two brothers, a 23 year old, was detained Tuesday. The older brother, 34, was detained Sunday, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

In addition the girl friend of one of the men was detained on the allegation that she received stolen property.

The men live in Rincón Grande de Pavas. Agents said that the wave of crimes started in August and that at least four couples have been robbed and attacked in that area by two men dressed in black.

Not all the crimes happened in the evening. At least one was in the afternoon.

Parque la Sabana is beginning to get a reputation as a dangerous location, according to runners who frequent the sprawling park.

Agents said they are expecting more victims to come forward.

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