Canadian couple seeks allies to challenge steep maritime zone fees

A couple who are part-time residents are seeking to rally support for a legal assault on excessive fees for those who have dwellings in the maritime zone.

The couple, Yukon residents Greg Allen and Lynn MacDiarmid, are seeking responses from other foreign residents who are similarly afflicted. The couple’s canon or annual maritime fee in Playa Matapalo has jumped from $700 in 2010 to about $4,000 now. Many more persons who live on maritime concessions have the same problem.

The fee reflected the large jump in the estimated value of the land brought about because payments by large hotels have distorted the calculations.

“We would be interested to know if there are others in the Maritime Zone who would like to get together on this issue

and maybe pitch in to hire someone, the couple said in an email.

A constitutional court appeal has failed as have appeals to the local Municipalidad de Aguirre, which collects the fee based on national law.

So in addition to hiring another lawyer to press the case, the couple also are seeking ideas on how to proceed.

They can be reached through A.M. Costa Rica.

“Just to be very direct, we want to take action with a lawyer and want to know who wants to join us,” they said.  “We were looking for ideas for a good lawyer and to find out how many people are interested.  We can then see how much it would cost and what we would each have to contribute depending on the numbers.”

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