Constitutional court rejects appeal over release of prison inmates

The constitutional court has declined to block the release of prison inmates.

The justice ministry reported Thursday that the court had rejected an appeal by a woman who filed it Nov. 11. The rejection appears to have been on technical grounds.

The woman said that the Ministerio de Justicia y Paz, which runs the prisons, was ready to release 5,000 inmates before their time and who are not ready to be reincorporated into society.

The ministry said that the court rejected the appeal because the woman was not allowed to file a case in favor of individuals who had not authorized it and that the execution of sentences is the job of judges.

The ministry was pleased with the decision and issued a press release. The reduction in inmates is to reduce the numbers in the various prisons, and the constitutional court has ordered this.

Other appeals also are in the hopper for court action.

The ministry has not said that it would release 5,000 inmates.

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