Drug dealing emerges as big business

Anti-drug police say they have broken up 115 drug organizations in this year alone.

The number puts in perspective the likely number of drug distributors that operate in the country. The Policía de Control de Drogas said that 15 of these organizations were family-based.

There were 29 international organizations and 86 local ones. The local operations could be as modest as a woman selling crack out of her back door.

The international organizations probably had ties to Colombia and Mexico, and their logistics might include tractor-trailers, helicopters, fast boats and even shipping containers with false walls.

In the last nine years, the police agency said that it had broken up 1,026 drug organizations, including 745 local ones and 181 international operations. Confiscated were more than 14,000 kilos of cocaine and 30 kilos of heroin, plus other drugs, said the agency.

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