Espinoza is judicial investigating candidate

Six persons have been recommended to be the next director of the Judicial Investigating Organization.

One is a prosecutor whose name will resonate with some expats. He is Walter Espinoza, who was the prosecutor in the Villalobos high interest case. Espinoza successfullyy prosecuted Oswaldo Villalobos in an aggravated fraud trial.

Consequently, he was not held in high regard by those Villalobos investors who thoughthe government was prosecuting the brothers, who operated money exchange houses and a Mall San Pedro location where Luis Enrique Villalobos Camacho paid up to 3 percent a month to creditors.

Luis Enrique Villalobos fled in 2002 and has not been heard from since. Espinoza and other prosecutors claimed that the brothers operated a ponzi scheme.

Since the  2007 Oswaldo Villalobos trial Espinoza has been an organized crime prosecutor.

The Corte Surpema de Justicia will make the final selection. Some 51 put their names forward as candidates, and the nominating commission interviewed 13 and selected the six.

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