Espinoza picked to lead investigators

Walter Espinoza Espinoza, best known to expats as a prosecutor in the Oswaldo Villalobo case, became head of the Judicial Investigating Organization Monday.

Espinoza was one of six that a nominating committee put forward to the full Corte Suprema de Justicia. The naming was by a vote of the assembled supreme court magistrates.

Then Espinoza was sworn in immediately. He will take office Dec. 1.

Espinoza, 47, has been the organized crime prosecutor and promised that he would continue that fight and also seek cases against those damaging the state via corruption.

The Judicial Investigating Organization is an agency of the courts and works with prosecutors to put together cases.

Espinoza was involved in the investigation of Luis Enrique Villalobos and the conviction of his brother, Oswaldo. They ran a high-interest borrowing operation that ended up defaulting in 2002 and hurting many foreign depositors.

Espinoza joined the judiciary in 1989 and has held increasingly important positions.

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