Expat who lost eye blames bungled robbery attempt

A U.S. expat lost his left eye Friday afternoon when another motorist broke his windshield with a rock.

The expat is Richard King, 64 of Ojochal on the Southern Pacific coast. King said that he thought the rock was the climax of a bungled robbery attempt.

He said he is a former U.S. Army vet, disabled and with service in Vietnam.

He gave this account:

After picking up a friend at the Liberia airport, he stopped at a grocery. When he was leaving a man ran up and said King’s car had hit his. He demanded that King come with him.

King denied bumping another car and said that his passenger would vouch for that.

After he drove away, the unidentified man chased him in his own vehicle and eventually got ahead. He stopped and tried to heave a large rock at King. He was not strong enough.
Several miles later on the man found a smaller rock, and it was this that smashed through the windshield, said King. He also suffered broken bones in a finger.

King credits a passing nurse from the Cañas hospital for providing effective first aid. He got out of the Liberia hospital Wednesday and said that surgeons had removed his left eye. He already had reduced vision in the right eye, he said.

King has been here for 10 years and is married. He said that the encounter at the supermarket was some kind of robbery attempt, and that investigators also suspect that. Much of the initial incident was caught by surveillance cameras, he said, and he expected the Judicial Investigating Organization to be able to identify the man.

He said he went public with the crime because he wanted other expats to know about it and be on their guard.

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