Five with faked passports passed through Costa Rica

U.S. and Honduran officials are trying to determine the correct identity of five men who arrived at Toncontín airport in Tegucigalpa Tuesday night.

The five appear to have spent nearly a week in Costa Rica after having arrived here from Argentina. They are believed to be Syrian.

The five young men were traveling on what police in Honduras said were doctored passports. The Dirección Policial de Investigaciones appear to have been tipped off and were awaiting the arrivals. The men spent the night at the airport and went to the offices of investigators Wednesday.

The men appear to have passed through Costa Rican immigration controls on arrival and when they left, although those actions may have triggered the alert.

The men are believed to have told investigators that they planned to travel from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula and make their way to the United States by land. Local media said that a sixth man with a doctored Greek passport had arrived in the country Friday and was detained.

Honduran investigators said that the passports had been reported stolen in Greece.

U.S. investigators are trying to determine if the men are simply refugees from the troubled Mideastern country or have other intentions.

The passports have been doctored to remove the photos of the Greek owners, and the photos of the men had been inserted. Police managed to determine that the men did not speak Greek.

The detention of the men became an international news story because of the Islamic State attacks in France Friday and the fact that one of the assailants entered that country as a Syrian refugee. There also is a political controversy in the United States over the desire by President Barack Obama to admit thousands of Syrian refugees.

A.M. Costa Rica has frequently reported that Central American intelligence agencies lack the resources to handle terrorism. That latest story is HERE!

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