Government denies it has plans to deport some Cuban migrants

Government officials are denying that they are planning to deport back to their island home some of the Cuban migrants who are stuck in the country.

The government acknowledged Friday that there are rumors saying that, but said that there is no policy to do that.

However, any Cuban migrant who violates a law or declined to renew their temporary visa risks being deported, said the government. Initially the Cubans were issued seven-day visas, but they have expired.

Foreign minister Manuel González said that the government still seeks alternatives to send the migrants on their way to their United States destination. So far 3,853 temporary visas have been issued to Cuban migrants and 2,886 persons are housed in public shelters.

There are 10 shelters in the canton of La Cruz adjacent to the Nicaraguan border. There are two in Liberia, one in San Ramón, four in Upala and one in Guatuso, said the national emergency commission. The Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social said that in La Cruz alone its workers had treated 386 Cubans for aliments ranging from high blood pressure to respiratory ailments.

The Cubans have been trapped here since the middle of November when Nicaragua closed its border to them. Most had flown from Cuba to Ecuador and made their way to Costa Rica over land.

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