Government wants to ask public about their sex life

The government is embarking on another survey of sexual practices. Casa Presidencial said that 3,200 persons would be questioned through the country in order to, in the words of Vice President Ana Helena Chacón, guarantee  the right of an integrated sexuality.

A similar survey took place in 2010. The report then concluded that sex education was needed in the schools and that more government programs were required to counter the young age at which Costa Rican adolescents were becoming sexually active.

The surveyors, who will wear distinctive vests, will be seeking respondents between 15 and 64. Subjects will include sexual practices, methods of contraception, use of health services, preferences to the number of offspring, sexual diseases and attitudes toward sexual diversity, among others, said Casa Presidencial.

Five years after the last survey, there is a need to update the information to plan programs and actions by the government, said the health minister, Fernando Llorca. The survey is supervised by the Ministerio de Salud.

The government said that individual responses would be confidential and that respondents could choose male or female interviewers.

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