Guardacostas official reports some progress in fighting Nicoya piracy

A Guardacostas official says the agency has recovered two motors and three boats that were carried off by pirates from the community of  Pochote on the Nicoya peninsula. An arrest warrant was issued for one man, he said.

Miguel Madrigal, who heads the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas in Caldera, met with fishing interests to discuss the wave of piracy in the gulf of Nicoya. He gave the report on the investigation prompted by the raid on Pochote.

An estimated eight pirates invaded Puerto Pochote near Tambor on the west coast of  the gulf in mid-October.  They attacked a guard, stole two boats, five motors and gasoline and took other fishing necessities.

There have been at least two more similar incidents during the year, and at least twice the pirates tied up the guard and threw him into the mangroves where he managed to escape by swimming.

One of the major jobs of the Guardacostas is suppression of illegal fishing. That means recovering illegal nets and checking the location and catches of fishing boats on the gulf. These violations are covered by fishing laws. Piracy is covered by the penal code and is what amounts to a felony, Madrigal noted.

He urged members of the various fishing associations to file complaints when crimes happen because without complaints there will not be an investigation, he said, noting that a complaint involving Pochote resulted in the recovery of the motors and boats.

Fishing communities in the gulf of Nicoya are setting up a network to fight piracy.

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