He’s happy to pay the taxes here

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I do not object to paying my fair share of taxes and fees to the country where I live.

I assume that your readership is going to react to another increase in the tax at the airport. The article the other day about the cost of Caja, license renewals, banking problems. etc.. got me thinking about the amount of taxes and fees that I paid when I was working in the States.

There was federal and state income tax, real estate tax, school tax, and sales tax. Fees included insurance for health, home, and car. Putting all of them together I had to work far into July or August before the money I had coming in for my job was actually mine to spend on food, clothing, electric, gas, phone, TV cable, maintenance and operation of the car(s), savings, and entertainment.

We are lucky that we found a beautifulĀ  country that accepts us and for the most part embraces us. And compared to where we came from is a lot less demanding.

Paul Reiber

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