Journalist colegio makes due despite decline in advertising tax revenue

Expats may be surprised to know that the Colegio de Periodistas takes a small bite out of newspaper and television advertising.

That has been well known in advertising circles because the organization receives 1 percent of the cost of advertising in La Nación, El Grupo Extra, Televisora de Costa Rica, Repretel and Canal 9.

But the current amount was not enough, and the professional organization had to cut back. It also said that it met with publishers and producers to make sure the organization was getting all the money to which it was entitled.

The colegio said that income from the advertising began to decline in 2014 and continued through this year.

An Internet announcement lamented the fact that the situation has been the subject of rumors on the social media and said that the colegio is able to make its payroll and pay its bills.

At one time membership in the colegio was obligatory for newspeople in Costa Rica. This was established by law.

But an expat newsman challenged the requirement all the way to the Interamerican Court of Human Rights and won. A.M. Costa Rica does not collect the tax on its advertising or are its staffers members of the colegio.

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