Lawmakers hear views of defensora regarding dignified death bill

A legislative committee was told Thursday that an interdisciplinary group should be formed to consider the concept of euthanasia.

Montserrat Solano Carboni, the defensora de los habitantes, made the suggestion when she appeared before the Comisión de Asuntos Sociales.

There is a bill, No. 19.440, in the hopper to provide for a dignified death for those in terminal stages. The defensora listed a number of changes that her agency proposes.

The defensora noted that from a human rights perspective the state should not require or prohibit the suspension of treatment of a terminally ill patient.

Clearly, the defensora’s visit marks the beginning of an extensive debate within and outside the legislature on the topic. She outlines a number of areas that will need to be considered including respecting the desires of the patient.

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