Licensing officials expect a flood of renewals

Highway officials say they expect a flood of renewals in December and January when an estimated 40,000 driver’s licenses will expire.

They urged those in that category to take advantage of a rule that allows renewals up to three months before expiration.

The license renewal fee is 10,000 colons, although drivers without many or no infractions get a 50 percent discount.  Expats may find that they have to obtain additional paperwork to show their identity

and address. Otherwise, all that is needed if expats are residents is a medical exam and identification.

Licenses are renewed for three, four or six years, depending on the applicant’s driving record. There are 13 locations around the country where licenses may be renewed, said the Dirección General de Educación Vial.

New expats who wish to obtain a Costa Rican license on the strength of their license from their home country probably have to make a visit to San José, although that rule sometimes is overlooked.

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