Lottery sales can attract crooks

Christmas is a time for giving, even if the giver doesn’t want to. And the law enforcement agencies are urging methods to prevent thefts.

The emphasis this week is on the gordo lottery. The drawing Dec. 13 promises $2.6 million to four persons or groups of persons.

That means lottery vendors will have significant funds on their person as they sit on street corners or walk the avenues trying to sell the lottery tickets that are 70,000 colons for a full sheet.

The Fuerza Pública is holding classes for lottery sellers. Among other suggestions is that they should not put up resistance to a robbery. And they should watch out for crooks when they close up shop and head home with a large stash of cash, the police agency said.

The police agency will be increasing its presence in the Central Valley for Christmas, and a priority will be lottery vendors, said the agency.

Each year vendors are robbed, and at least one has been murdered during a robbery over the last few years.

The threat of criminal activity is one reason a lot of lottery winners do not make the fact public.

Lottery ticket purchases face other challenges, some vendors are selling counterfeit lottery tickets, so purchasers should obtain their tickets from trusted locations.

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